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Joscha Bach – GPT-3: Is AI Deepfaking Understanding?

Joscha Bach on GPT-3, achieving AGI, machine understanding and lots more! Discussion points: 02:40 What’s missing in AI atm? Unified coherent model of reality 04:14 AI systems like GPT-3 behave as if they understand – what’s missing? 08:35 Symbol grounding – does GPT-3 have it? 09:35 GPT-3 for music generation, GPT-3 for image generation, GPT-3 […]

Exciting progress in Artificial Intelligence – Joscha Bach

Joscha Bach discusses progress made in AI so far, what’s missing in AI, and the conceptual progress needed to achieve the grand goals of AI. Discussion points: 0:07 What is intelligence? Intelligence as the ability to be effective over a wide range of environments 0:37 Intelligence vs smartness – interesting models vs intelligent behavior 1:08 […]

Ethical Progress, AI & the Ultimate Utility Function – Joscha Bach

Joscha Bach on ethical progress, and AI – it’s fascinating to think ‘What’s the ultimate utility function?’ – should we seek the answer in our evolved motivations? Discussion points: 0:07 Future directions in ethical progress 1:13 Pain and suffering – concern for things we cannot regulate or change 1:50 Reward signals – we should only get […]

The Grand Challenge of Developing Friendly Artificial Intelligence – Joscha Bach

Joscha Bach discusses problems with achieving AI alignment, the current discourse around AI, and inefficiencies of human cognition & communication. Discussion points: 0:08 The AI alignment problem 0:42 Asimov’s Laws: Problems with giving AI (rules) to follow – it’s a form of slavery 1:12 The current discourse around AI 2:52 Ethics – where do they […]

Cognitive Biases & In-Group Convergences – Joscha Bach

Joscha Bach discusses biases in group think. Discussion points: – In-group convergence: thinking in true & false vs right & wrong – The group mind may be more stupid than the smartest individuals in the group Joscha Bach, Ph.D. is an AI researcher who worked and published about cognitive architectures, mental representation, emotion, social modeling, […]

Professor Peter Doherty – COVID19 Pandemic: Research & Action

Fascinating interview with Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty on the COVID-19 pandemic, the nature of COVID-19, where it came from, it’s similarities to influenza other coronaviruses (i.e. SARS, MERS), how infectivity works, what we as citizens can do to stay safe and help minimise the burden on our health systems, achieving rapid responses to pandemics, […]

Posthumanism – Pramod Nayar

Interview with Pramod K. Nayar on #posthumanism ‘as both a material condition and a developing philosophical-ethical project in the age of cloning, gene engineering, organ transplants and implants’. The book ‘Posthumanism’ by Pramod Nayar: https://amzn.to/2OQEA8z Rise of the posthumanities article: https://bit.ly/32Q67Pm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDjYjWh6-xo This time, I decided trying to itemize the interview so you can find […]

How science fails

There is a really interesting Aeon article on what bad science, and how it fails. What is Bad Science? According to Imre Lakatosh, science degenerates unless it is both theoretically and experimentally progressive. Can Lakatosh’s ‘scientific programme’ approach, which incorporates merits of both Khunian and Popperian ideas, help solve this problem? Is our current research […]