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    Conference in Melbourne Nov 30, Dec 1 2013

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    We will address the latest game changing developments in exponentially growing technologies. Together the world’s leading thought leaders will explore areas such as biotechnology & bioinformatics, energy & environmental systems, networks & computing systems, AI & robotics, medicine & neuroscience, and nanotechnology.

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    Kaleide Theatre RMIT

    Address: 360 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
    RMIT Building


    RMIT 360 Swanston Street
    Melbourne 3000
    RMIT Kaleide Theatre, Building 8, Level 2

    Nearby Train Station: Melbourne Central
    Any tram stop near the corner of La Trobe St/Swanston St
    Access is from Swanston Street!

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    Staircase down to Kaleide Theatre (RMIT)

    • Neuroscience & AI

      Neuroscience will continue to inspire AI, and vice versa. Satisfied clients

    • Nanotechnology & Waste

      Waste can be converted into useful material – dramatically reducing our footprint on the environment

    • Clean & Cheap Energy

      Advances in Photovoltaics – aided by advances in Nanotechnology and Materials Science will leverage energy from the largest power source in the solar system

    • Ethics Guided by Evidence & Reason

      Science is opening up more and more ways to pursue evidence based research on what it means to be human – expanding our sphere of ethical consideration