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We are in the midst of a technological avalanche – surprisingly to many, AI has made the impossible possible. In a rapidly changing world maintaining and expanding our capacity to innovate is essential.

What: A conference about important developments in technology today and in the future
When: April 23rd-24th, 2022
Where: Online via Zoom
Price: Free

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Zoom meeting details:
Day 1: (ended)

Day 2
: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86114870355?pwd=bjd0NjczSWpzVURobHdLVVBlaC9WUT09
ID: 861 1487 0355 | Pass_word: scifuture


  • Anders Sandberg (Future of Humanity Institute)
  • Andres E. Gomez (Qualia Research Institute)
  • Ben Goertzel (OpenCog)
  • David Pearce (The Hedonistic Imperative)
  • James Hughes (Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technology)
  • John Smart (Accelleration Watch)
  • Joscha Bach (Intel Labs)
  • Mike Johnson (Qualia Research Institute)
  • PJ Manney (Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technology)
  • Pramod K. Nayar (University of Hyderabad)
  • Stuart Armstrong (Aligned AI/Future of Humanity Institute)
  • Tom Everitt (Deepmind)
  • Monica Anderson (Syntience Inc)


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