We specialise in quality videography on a deadline – with over 10 years of experience – we can produce brilliant videos at a competitive rate.

Event Videography

Do you have a conference or smaller event that you would like to capture on video?  With 10 years of event videography experience, Video Agility can film & video-edit your event and have it ready for you fast!

Equipment as at Feb 2019 can be found here.

AGI17 – Melbourne

Science, Technology & the Future 2013 – Melbourne

AI / Human Possibility – Melbourne 2017

March for Science – Melbourne 2017

Effective Altruism Global – Melbourne 2017

Effective Altruism Global – Melbourne 2015


Whether it is for a special birthday a school event, debutante ball or barmitzvah, these precious milestones are great to capture be captured so they can be relived many years into the future.
Short videos are important for performances, events, products, stores etc to help reach new crowds and help them understand what you are doing!

For Stelarc’s Rewired / Remixed performance – also see this earlier interview done in 2012

ABNMS 2015 Conference Promo

A March For Science promo video

Mini Documentary – The Hedonistic Imperative

Will we become posthuman? Tutorial for Melbourne Uni

Professional Interviews

End to end video interviewing service. I have done hundreds of video interviews in the past – this includes interviewing the talent, videoing (audio/video) it, then editing it, and finally rendering it (I can even upload it if needed).

Part of an interview series for Macquarie University

Interview with AI expert Joscha Bach

Interview with philosopher Nick Bostrom from the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute

Interview with author

Interview with physicist Michio Kaku

Weddings, Parties, Anything..

There are special occasions where loved ones can’t be there, or children are too young to remember. Capturing these special moments allows us to preserve them for future generations!

At Video Agility, we don’t just do weddings… we create dynamic, living memories for any event.