The Philosopher’s Walk

We are organising a walk and chat on philosophy (with byo picnic lunch afterwards) – the first meetup is listed here (Sun 13th of Nov 2022 – 10.30 – check here for full details).


Participants are invited to join us for a walk and talk about philosophy.
10 am – Meet outside the Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre (near the Melbourne Observatory Building and the Shrine of Remembrance)
10.30 am – Venture into the gardens and walk around the outer walkway (anti-clockwise), eventually spiraling inwards towards the lake.
12.30 – Sit somewhere near the lake to have lunch, BYO (note the Terrace Cafe may be closed).

Topics can include:
– J. Lock’s empiricism vs rationalism
– Plato’s cave
– Utility Monsters and the future of AI

Sometimes philosophy discussions feel quite sedentary – hence our experiment to cross pollinate exercise and engaging discussions on philosophy. Exertion of both the mind and body at the same time may lead to a fascinating dynamic.

A sedentary lifestyle (and by association, philosophy) has been linked to mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Ease the anxieties of the armchair philosopher engaging in mental gymnastics with minimal muscle movement – join our raggle taggle crew of aspiring philosophers ‘walking the talk’ at the Botanical Gardens!

Healthy body, healthy mind!

Note, bring elemental protection (umbrellas, sunscreen.. etc) – after all, it’s Melbourne.

Parking is free near botanical gardens on sunday!

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