We hope to see you at Science, Technology & the Future on Aug 23 2014! Consider registering now – feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Venue: Melbourne

A Pre-Conference Mixer will be on Friday the 22th of Aug.

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Note that many of the presenters names and talk/panel titles are hyper-linked to more information!

Saturday 23rd August

Session 1

9.30amRegistration, Welcome, Meet and Greet and Introduction
10.00Presentation: John WilkinsPhilosophy of Science – What is it? Why do it?
10.30Presentation: Rohan McleodScientific and Engineering language in the context; of a more general theory of discourse
11.00Presentation: James FodorThe Shaky Foundations of Science: An Overview of the Big Issues
12.30Presentation: Kevin KorbScience v Pseudoscience: What’s the Difference?
1.30Break: Lunch / Networking
2.30Panel: The Demarcation Problem – What is Science, and What Isn’t Science?
Will the specter of metaphysics continue to haunt the hunter on the quest for a sound a demarcation criterion?
Panelists: Kevin Korb, John Wilkins, Greg Restall
3.30Presentation: Greg Restall – “Logic and Rationality; Disagreement and Evidence

Session 2

5.00Presentation: Stephen Ames“Scientific Naturalism – A Critique”
6.00Presentation: John WilkinsCan Religion Accommodate Science and Must Science Accommodate Religion?
7.15Panel: Physicalism, Naturalism or not? Skepticism and Philosophy of Science
Panelists: James Fodor, Stephen Ames, John Wilkins
8.30 (ish)Dinner Time!

Sunday 24th August

Session 3

10.00 – 2.00Breakfast of Champions: If good weather, a picnic at Fitzroy Gardens, if not then breakfast somewhere nearby
1.30Find your way back to the Unitarian Hall (East Melb) by 1:30!
2.00Presentation: Colin HalesThe Revolutions of Scientific Structure
3.00Panel: Scientific Distinctiveness, and the Continuity between Philosophy & Science.
How can these tensions between the distinctiveness and continuity of science be resolved or, at least,
Panelists: Colin Hales, John Wilkins, Bill Hall

Session 4

4.30Presentation: Ashley BarnettSkepticism and the Psychology of Magic
5.30Presentation: Bill HallLife, Knowledge and Natural Selection ― How Life (Scientifically) Designs Its Future” [slides]
7.00Presentation: Chris Guest “Pitfalls of Bayesian Reasoning
8.00Panel: Bayesianism on the rise – Logical Omniscience and our New Robotic Overlords [tentative]
Panelists: Bill Hall, David Pearce, Chris Guest, Ashley Barnett
8.45Dinner Time!

(Note: Meals/Drinks not included..)

By the end of the conference, we hope you are puzzled in articulate and productive ways 🙂