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Posthumanism and its Moral Imperatives – Pramod K. Nayar

Synopsis: Octavia Butler’s fiction underscores heightened empathy as a possible feature of the future humans (who may be co-evolved with alien species, in Butler’s imagination). Yet, in Butler’s fiction, the morally enhanced beings ponder over the freedom they now possess. This talk, building on the view that ME requires multiple virtues (James Hughes), examines the linkage of ME with human freedom and/or autonomy.

This talk was part of the ‘Stepping Into the Future‘ conference. Video here.


Pramod K. Nayar

Bio: Pramod Nayar teaches M.A. courses in Literary Theory, the English Romantics and Postcolonial Literatures. His interests lie in English colonial writings on India, travel writing, Human Rights and narratives, posthumanism, postcolonial literature, Cultural Studies (celebrity studies, digital cultures) literary & cultural theory and graphic novels, with significant and regular publications in these areas.

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  1. I’m pursuing my research in posthumanism: Posthumanistic Fiction:A Critical Assessment with Special reference to Octavia Butler Lilith’s Brood Trilogy. Please humble request to guide for chapterisation and PDF material .

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