The variety of conferences have went well so far. So why not join our extraordinary group of visionaries in business, science, technology, design, and the arts in making future events even better – offering a world of powerful ideas, unique networking opportunities, and access to an exclusive opportunities to discuss things of great importance with peers.

What excites you about the future?
What frightens you?
What Future Technologies will have High Impact on your life?
And how might You make a Difference?

High Impact Change

The events held throughout the years have brought together extraordinary people to discuss the current status and future of an assortment of high impact research interests and technology – including Immunology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Rationality, Epistemology, Art and the ensuing radical engineering feats that are impacting our lives now and will do so the future.

What kind of change can we expect from advances in technology? Many reputable experts forecast dramatic impacts on the way we live – however the future is not laid out neatly in front of us like a buffet – but we can make informed choices, innovate, and work accordingly towards increasing the likelihood of beneficial outcomes.

Previous Related Conferences

[av_one_third] [av_team_member name=’Singularity Summit Australia 2011′ job=” src=’’ attachment=’2447′ description=’Singularity Summit Australia 2011‘] [av_team_icon title=’Singularity Summit Australia 2011 Web’ link=’’ link_target=” icon=’ue822′ font=’entypo-fontello’] [/av_team_member] [/av_one_third] [av_one_third first] [/av_one_third]
[av_one_third] [/av_one_third] [av_one_third first] [av_team_member name=’Humanity+ @Melbourne 2011′ job=” src=’×800-225×300.jpg’ attachment=’2450′ description=’Humanity+ @Melbourne 2011‘] [av_team_icon title=’Humanity+ @Melbourne 2011′ link=’’ link_target=” icon=’ue822′ font=’entypo-fontello’] [/av_team_member] [/av_one_third] [av_one_third] [av_team_member name=’Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012′ job=” src=’×773-300×226.png’ attachment=’2451′ description=’Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012‘] [av_team_icon title=’Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 Web’ link=’’ link_target=” icon=’ue822′ font=’entypo-fontello’] [/av_team_member] [/av_one_third] [av_one_third] [/av_one_third] [av_section color=’alternate_color’ custom_bg=” src=” position=’top left’ repeat=’no-repeat’ attach=’scroll’ padding=’large’ shadow=’shadow’] [av_textblock]

What others say about previous conferences

[/av_textblock] [av_hr class=’short’ height=’50’ position=’center’] [av_testimonials style=’grid’ columns=’2′ interval=’5′] [av_testimonial_single src=’2492′ attachment=” name=’Steve Omohundro’ subtitle=’ Ph.D. Scientist’ link=’’ linktext=’Steve on Wikipedia’] Adam has put together a variety of inspiring conferences and events that blend scientific and human perspectives in thinking about the future. In the events I participated in, he was able to attract an enthusiastic crowd and to keep the energy and the interest up. The events went flawlessly, starting with engaging posters strategically placed around town, interesting and engaging speakers, and a video and photographic record of the events which will keep their content alive into the future. He took special care to make sure that both the speakers and the participants were well looked after. I am happy to recommend him for planning, creating, and recording inspiring events.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’2516′ attachment=” name=’Meredith Doig’ subtitle=’President, Rationalist Society Australia’ link=’’ linktext=’Rationalist Society’] There are few people so enthusiastic about bringing to the general public the edge of science and technology as Adam Ford. He organises, he interviews, he records, he publishes, he just gets things done! Thinking Australians are better informed and more engaged as a direct result of the conferences he organises and the interviews he’s mounted online. And each year they get bigger, better and more edgy. Not to be missed!
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’2403′ attachment=” name=’Colin Hales’ subtitle=’PHD, Neuroscience’ link=’’ linktext=’Centre for Neural Engineering’] Humanity’s emerging challenges are without precedent. Artificial General Intelligence may prove to be crucial to our survival: we’ll need help. It will also challenge ideas of what it means to be human. It’s worth spending a little time pondering the potentialities.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’2404′ attachment=” name=’Hugo de Garis’ subtitle=’Professor, Artificial Intelligence’ link=’’ linktext=’Hugo’s Blog’] Adam Ford, is the organizer of Australia’s “Humanity +” and “Singularity Summit” conferences, that he started in 2010 and has been continuing each year. He has also built up quite a catalogue of video interviews of world known notable whom he has invited to these conferences. Since the topics of these conferences will probably dominate our global politics later this century (e.g. on issues such as whether our machines should become smarter than humans, or how to make humans live forever, etc) it is likely that future historians who write on these issues will see him as having played a historic pioneering role in making Australians conscious of what is to come with accelerating technologies.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’315′ attachment=” name=’Ms Cobina Crawford’ subtitle=’Futurist, Strategic Forecasting’ link=’′ linktext=’LinkedIn’] The H+ Summit  is an absolute must see for anyone with a stake in humanity, technology and how they will compliment each other in the future. High quality speakers and subjects left me reeling and keen to lean more, change more and embrace a human enhanced future!
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’2406′ attachment=” name=’James Newton-Thomas’ subtitle=’CEO, Second Tree – Field Roboticist’ link=’′ linktext=’LinkedIn’] The changes we see all about us due to technology are not just profound with respect to our society, they are redefining us as a species.
They are also happening in so many disparate areas and at such a rate it is very difficult for constructive dialogue to occur. Thus any dialogue which seeks to explore and address these complex issues we now face across many disciplines is not only a good thing, it is an essential thing. I therefore commend Adam for his forums and look forward to this years  conference in Melbourne.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’2407′ attachment=” name=’Craig W. Pearce’ subtitle=’Security Architect’ link=’’ linktext=’Bio’] Having attended H+ in 2011, I have decided that it is a must-attend conference for 2012. It allows me to keep abreast of a variety of science and technology advancements via thought leaders focused on the future.
[/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src=’2405′ attachment=” name=’Hal 9000′ subtitle=” link=’’ linktext=’01001001 01000010 01001101′] The conferences function like a well-oiled machine – just the way I like it.
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Speakers at previous conferences include:

Past speakers have included

  • Gregory Benford (scifi writer and astrophysicist),
  • Hugo de Garis (PHD, CompSci, AI Researcher),
  • Stelarc (Popular Artist, Transhumanist),
  • Russell Blackford (PHD, Bioethics, Author),
  • Robert Sparrow (PHD, Bioethicist),
  • Greg Adamson (IEEE, SSIT),
  • David Chalmers (Australian philosopher specializing in the area of philosophy of mind and philosophy of language, most famously noted for the Hard problem of consciousness; He is also noted for originating the (philosophical) zombie blues. Chalmers appears in the video documentary “The Roots of the Matrix” (a reference to The Matrix) and presents a novel take on a large part of the “brain in a vat” hypothesis).
  • Alan Hájek – Works on the philosophy of probability and decision theory, philosophical logic (especially conditionals), and philosophical methodology.  His paper “What Conditional Probability Could Not Be” won the 2004 American Philosophical Association Article Prize for “the best article published in the previous two years” by a “younger scholar”.  The Philosopher’s Annual selected his “Waging War on Pascal’s Wager” as one of the ten best articles in philosophy in 2003.
  • Ben Goertzel – An American author and researcher in the field of artificial intelligence.  He is a main driver behind the OpenCog project which aims to build an open source general artificial intelligence engine.  He has also authored several books, and given numerous talks on related subjects. He defines intelligence as the ability to detect patterns in the world and in the agent itself.
  • Lawrence Krauss – Renowned physicist
  • Marcus Hutter – AI Expert
  • Meredith Doig – President of the Rationalist Society of Australia
  • Steve Omohundro – AI Expert
  • Randal Koene – Neuroscientist
  • Mark Pesce – Futurist
  • Aubrey de Grey – Biogerentologist
[av_team_member name=’Singularity Summit Australia 2010′ job=’Melbourne’ src=’’ attachment=’2428′ description=’Singularity Summit Australia 2010‘] [av_team_icon title=’Singularity Summit Australia 2010 Web’ link=’’ link_target=” icon=’ue822′ font=’entypo-fontello’] [/av_team_member]
[av_team_member name=’Singularity Summit Australia 2012′ job=” src=’×1945.jpg’ attachment=’2438′ description=’Singularity Summit Australia 2011‘] [av_team_icon title=’Singularity Summit Australia 2012 Web’ link=’’ link_target=” icon=’ue822′ font=’entypo-fontello’] [/av_team_member]
[av_team_member name=’Science, Technology & the Future 2013′ job=” src=’×213-300×106.png’ attachment=’2362′ description=’Science, Technology & the Future 2013‘] [av_team_icon title=’Science, Technology & the Future’ link=’’ link_target=” icon=’ue822′ font=’entypo-fontello’] [/av_team_member]