Leslie Allan – Postmodernism & Relativism are Wrong

Postmodernism and relativism buckle under their own contradiction: they passionately assert the objective truth that there exists no objective truth. This very paradox embodies a self-negating precept, a construct that dismantles itself from within. They champion the idea of relative truths, yet in this declaration, they inadvertently sculpt an overarching meta-narrative, contradicting the foundational principle of their own philosophy. Their denial of objectivity subtly undermines the scientific endeavor, a journey embarked upon to reveal the shared tapestry of our cosmos. Knowledge, in its quintessential form, fervently quests for the objective, for within this pursuit lies the discovery of universal truths. The universe is teeming with fascinating mysteries to decipher, so let us resist the temptation to reduce the fundamental essence of truth to a shifting tableau of relative narratives.

Leslie Allan is a philosopher & humanist – here are some of his papers: https://latrobe.academia.edu/LeslieAllan

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