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Foresight Superpowers – an interview with John Smart

Anticipating, Creating, & Leading the Accelerating Future

John Smart gave an outline of topics in his new book ‘Introduction to Foresight: Personal, Team, and Organizational Adaptiveness‘.

John will also speak at the up and coming conference ‘Stepping into the Future‘ – this talk will be ‘The Goodness of the Universe: Outer Space, Inner Space, and the Future of Networks

Foresight is one of humanity’s superpowers. We all use it every day, in a foresight-action cycle, to predict, create, and lead the future. Foresight professionals are anyone tasked to think about probable, possible, preferable, or preventable (“Four Ps”) futures, over any time horizon. Foresight is both a set of time-tested practices, and emerging models of adaptiveness and values, rooted in psychology and complex systems research. The more we use good foresight practices, the better our futures become.

John Smart

John Smart is a futurist and scholar of accelerating change. He is CEO of Foresight University, founder of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, and co-founder of the Evo-Devo Universe research community, and the Brain Preservation Foundation. He is editor of Evolution, Development, and Complexity (Springer 2019), and Introduction to Foresight: Personal, Team, and Organizational Adaptiveness (Foresight U Press 2022). He is also author of The Transcension Hypothesis (2011), the proposal that universal development guides leading adaptive networks increasingly into physical and virtual inner space.

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