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The future of neuroscience and understanding the complexity of the human mind – Brains and Computers

Two of the world’s leading brain researchers will come together to discuss some of the latest international efforts to understand the brain. They will discuss two massive initiatives – the US based Allen Institute for Brain Science and European Human Brain Project. By combining neuroscience with the power of computing both projects are harnessing the […]

Marching for Science with John Wilkins – a perspective from Philosophy of Science

Recent video interview with John Wilkins! What should marchers for science advocate for (if anything)? Which way would you try to bias the economy of attention to science? Should scientists (as individuals) be advocates for particular causes – and should the scientific enterprise advocate for particular causes? The popular hashtag #AlternativeFacts and Epistemic Relativism – […]

Ethics In An Uncertain World – Australian Humanist Convention 2017

Join Peter Singer & AC Grayling to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing society today – surviving the Trump era, Climate Change, Naturalism & the Future of Humanity. Ethics In An Uncertain World Event: Australian Humanist Convention 2017 – Melbourne, Australia Date: 7-9 April, 2017 – [Meetup Link] Location: Ibis Melbourne Hotel, 15 […]

Should “Work Ethic” be a timeless measure of human worth?

Should “Work Ethic” be a timeless measure of human worth? As automation increases alongside advances in AI and robotics – there will be significant decreases in ways in which people can economically compete. The writing is on the wall – it’s not hard to imagine, at least in principle, the idea of ‘reward for hard […]

March for Science Melbourne

Join us in Melbourne on April 22nd to champion science as a pillar of human prosperity!  This will be huge – invite everyone to come – yes, everyone! WHEN: EARTH DAY, 22nd April 2017 WHERE: Melbourne (Schedule & Location TBA) WHY: Among other things, a global event bringing together people from all walks of life […]

Conference: Thinking Machines in the Physical World

“Thinking Machines in the Physical World” invites cross-disciplinary conversations about the opportunities and threats presented by advances in cognitive computing:   – What concrete, real-world possibilities does intelligence-focused technology open up?   – What potential effects will “smart computers” exert on labor and jobs around the globe?   – What are the broader social implications […]