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Are we fit for the future?

Panelists: James Hughes, PJ Manney (both at IEET), and Pramod Nayar (Hyderabad Uni) discuss humanities fitness for the future – covering important points including:

  • Are we morally equipped to deal with humanities grand challenges?
  • If the majority population of a democratic state were morally deficient, would it be okay to morally enhance the population, or does this cross the line (i.e. by manipulating the population’s will)?
  • Who’s morals?
  • Who are the ones to be morally enhanced?
  • Will it be compulsory?
  • Won’t taking a morality pill decrease the value of the intended morality if it skips the difficult process we normally go through to become better people?
  • Shouldn’t people be concerned that use of enhancements which alter character traits might consumer’s authenticity?
  • How can we alleviate aspects of the dark factor of personality (d factor) today, and in the future?

This panel was part of the Stepping Into the Future conference.


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