Anders Sandberg – Aliens, Bayesians and Blurry Footage of UFOs

Are we alone in our sector of the cosmos? Do sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena herald an alien invasion?
The declassification of US military footage has rekindled a fiery feud – but before committing to a position in this debate, how can we assess the likelihood (given the existing evidence), that we are being visited by ETs with technology far superior to our own?

Anders Sandberg beamed in to make certain disclosures about Bayesian statistics applied to recent UAP/UFO ‘sightings’ – so let’s all put on our thinking caps – and if you like yours silver, shiny and foiled that’s fine too..

We also spoke about convergences in cognition and ethics which applies not only to aliens, but AI.

Background reading – UFOs: how to calculate the odds that an alien spaceship has been spotted

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