Singularity Skepticism - Hugh de Garis

Singularity Skepticism or Advocacy – to what extent is it warranted?

Why are some people so skeptical of the possibility of Super-intelligent Machines, while others take it quite seriously? Hugo de ...
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virtual 511_orig

Grand Unifying Theories in Physics with Sundance

Sundance describes particle physics and covers two grand unifying theories: super string theory and quantum loop gravity, then discusses the ...
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Sundance at Ceres (10 of 16) sml

Finding Value & Beauty in Fundamental Physics – Interview with Physicist Sundance

In this interview, Sundance covers his background in physics, the value of fundamental research in physics (and science in general), ...
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Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century Melbourne

Conference: Thinking Machines in the Physical World

"Thinking Machines in the Physical World” invites cross-disciplinary conversations about the opportunities and threats presented by advances in cognitive computing: ...
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mantis shrimp - up close 2

Application Driven Science vs Curiosity Inspired Science

Given that it's hard to know what will be found through scientific discovery should commercial application be the only reason ...
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David Pearce - Should We Re-Engineer Ourselves

Should We Re-Engineer Ourselves to Phase Out our Violent Nature?

David Pearce reflects on the motivation for human enhancement to phase out our violent nature. Do we want to perpetuate ...
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patterns-copper and brown9

Materialism vs Physicalism (and Strawsonian Physicalism) with David Pearce

David Pearce (interviewed by Adam Ford) discusses the difference between Physicalism & Materialism - and also discusses Strawsonian Physicalism - ...
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Global Catastrophic Risks – Jamais Cascio

Part of the 2015 interview Jamais Cascio focused on the Global Catastrhopic Risks, Existential Risks and empathy. It was both ...
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pattern - Black and white squares

Peter Singer & David Pearce on Utilitarianism, Bliss & Suffering

Moral philosophers Peter Singer & David Pearce discuss some of the long term issues with various forms of ...
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Daniel Dewey at TED

The long-term future of AI (and what we can do about it) : Daniel Dewey at TEDxVienna This has been one of my favourite simple talks on AI Impacts - Simple, clear and straight to the ...
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Brian Greene on Artificial Intelligence, the Importance of Fundamental Physics, Alien Life, and the Possible Future of Our Civilization

March 14th was Albert Einstein's birthday, and also PI day, so it was a fitting day to be interviewing ...
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Juergen Schmidhuber on DeepMind, AlphaGo & Progress in AI

In asking AI researcher Juergen Schmidhuber about his thoughts on progress at DeepMind and about the ...
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wireheads - white

Wireheading with David Pearce Is the Hedonistic Imperative equivalent to wire-heading? People are often concerned about the future being a cyber-puink dystopia where ...
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Philosophy of Science

a branch of philosophy concerned with the foundations, methods, and implications of science. The central questions concern what counts as science, the reliability of scientific theories, and the purpose of science. This discipline overlaps with metaphysics, ontology and epistemology, for example, when it explores the relationship between science and truth.


questions what knowledge is and how it can be acquired, and the extent to which knowledge pertinent to any given subject or entity can be acquired. Much of the debate in this field has focused on the philosophical analysis of the nature of knowledge and how it relates to connected notions such as truth, belief, and justification.

Unprecedented Technological Growth

Over the last few decades we have seen unprecedented technological change.   Our ability to visualize impacts of technological convergence in the short, medium and long term is detrimental to our survival.  With informed estimates of possible futures, we can hope to achieve clearer visions for a better future, let’s leverage growth in powerful new technologies  to solve global problems.

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